Executive Coaching

Elevate your leadership confidence, leverage your strengths, and enhance your focus, strategic planning and people/process management skills. 

Our Four Pronged Approach

Assessment and Awareness

Create Authentic Vision and Goals

Inspire Shifts and Co-create Innovative Solutions

Provide Motivation and Accountability for Action

Manage Better

Smart Executives Use Coaching

Smart managers and executives have long utilized coaching to build their leadership and management skills, to master their current challenges, and to attain their longer term career and personal goals.

All managers eventually face challenges caused by conflicting styles (communication and management), conflicting agendas (working across peer groups), or conflicting cultures (working within well-established, change resistant corporate environments). Coaching can help you and your organization identify and leverage strengths so that you achieve your goals using the most efficient and results-oriented methods possible.

“Suzanne provided me with the tools needed to get to a sounder understanding of what I need in order to thrive. She is supportive yet challenging in her approach. I found every session to be uniquely productive – and am amazed at the depth of change that an excellent coach like her can inspire!”
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We provide accurate assessments, new insights and perspectives, communication strategies, and a variety of tools for increased career, relationship and lifestyle success. We assess our client’s unique style and brand while challenging each individual to make the appropriate stretches and shifts necessary for accelerated development. With encouragement, enthusiasm, strategic insights and accountability, we support the individual or group to make positive changes in a timely fashion.

Coaching Plan

  • Provides a variety of leadership development, professional and personal assessments
  • Applies an individualized process to help uncover and leverage your strengths
  • Clarifies and expands your personal and professional vision
  • Sets personal and professional short and long term goals, including areas for development
  • Creates a compelling action plan with clear benchmarks to achieve goals
  • Identifies and eliminates internal and external obstacles to maximize success: self-doubt, fears, perceptions, unproductive habits, and assumptions

Coaching Benefits

  • Big picture focus on action plans and measurements through strategic meetings
  • An experienced sounding board for clarity on new ideas, thoughts, and actions
  • A trusted, industry leader with 16 years executive and team coaching experience
  • Collaborative brainstorming and a source for inspiration and resources
  • Accountability through consistent status updates on accomplishments, roadblocks, and new commitments
  • Inspiration, motivation and encouragement to take calculated risks and to create and achieve successive goals

Coaching Topics

  • Designing time to address the big picture and long term plans
  • Fulfilling your career, relationship or retirement goals
  • Strategizing communication, managing up and down, and developing work-life balance
  • Building confidence in decision making, leadership and conflict management
  • Mastering skillful and emotionally intelligent communication
  • Learning effective time management, eliminating unproductive habits and prioritizing essential tasks
  • Navigating challenging situations to remove obstacles to success

Coaching Results

  • Increased self-confidence and trust
  • More clarity and commitment to their personal and professional goals
  • Improved ability to focus on their priorities despite increased pressure
  • Enhanced ability to navigate challenging relationships and complex political dynamics
  • Increased personal productivity and greater professional achievements
  • Greater ease in on-boarding and career transitions, including changing industries and obtaining promotions without acquiring additional education
  • Greater effectiveness in relationships with employees, colleagues and managers
  • A sense of increased empowerment to advocate for their own needs
  • Creation and sustained use of strategic tools and organizational techniques
  • Successful work-life balance resulting in more energy and focus

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