Love, Like, Hate


The first step in this results-oriented program is identifying your ideal managers, colleagues, workplace environment, job activities and cultural needs that are essential to your career success and satisfaction. Filling out the graph below will help you see patterns of what works, and doesn’t work for you in various environment. We can synthesize your love, likes and dislikes in our complimentary coaching session!

Clearly define your essential elements, and then develop an action plan to find that ideal position, start your own business and/or take your next steps!

For this exercise, please list at least three key jobs, and TYPE in at least 2-3 things that you loved, liked or hated in each column. Please also include other key satisfying experiences, such as being in a play, home renovation, leading a trip, participating in charitable activities, parenting, etc. After you complete this, you can begin to see patterns indicating some of your most important preferences and career needs. Please send this graph to me when you have completed it and then we will set up your complimentary consultation to determine the 7 key elements that are vital to your career success and fulfillment- your Wish List to career satisfaction!

Love/ Like/ Hate


Moving Forward:

  1. What patterns did you notice?
  1. What did you learn about the people you like to work with?
  1. What work activities did you enjoy the most? What activities did you enjoy the least?
  1. What does this exercise teach you about qualities of the culture where you would thrive?

Now that this is completed, please send to me at: and we will set up your complimentary 30 minute coaching session designed to provide insight, new perspectives, solutions, tools, direction and more!